My goal is to help students develop their musicianship and encourage their creative potential. Lessons are focused on building technical skills, ear-training and sight-reading, all tools that will allow the student to learn new music and perform with confidence and musicality. I set clear expectations and good practice habits to help students achieve their objectives.

Music is a gift that opens the door to a lifetime enjoyment and I strongly believe that any individual, regardless of age or background, can benefit from music education. Beside the sheer joy of making music and sharing emotions, piano lessons also help develop other life skills such as patience, focus, dedication and the ability to take on a challenge and stick with it.

Watching students grow and enjoy the process of learning and performing music is perhaps the most rewarding accomplishment for the teacher.


Thank you Caroline, for inspiring a love of music in our daughter! Your kindness, patience, and genuine love of music is evident in every lesson. We especially have appreciated how you always bring new ways to encourage learning about piano beyond how to play — whether it is through the Piano Explorer magazine subscription, taking small video clips of our daughter playing so she can actually “see” her success, or the theory worksheets that make that challenge “fun.” You have clearly chosen the right profession, and we have clearly benefitted from it. Thank you again!
– Martha E.

“Caroline taught piano to our child Angel for a year. During this period we were very appreciative of the quality of her teaching and her professionalism, but what we’ll remember most is the tremendous passion that drives her and that she was able to pass on to our child.”
– Alain E.

“Caroline was such a wonderful and patient piano teacher for my 5 year old. In less than 6 months, she had taught her to read basic piano music. Caroline was warm, encouraging, and supportive. Her love of piano and music was clear, which helped my child along the way to enjoying playing early piano.”
– Rebecca B.

“I keep in mind Caroline’s method, her calm and patience which allowed my two daughters to make progress in learning to play the piano.”
– Jerome T.

“Caroline taught piano to my 2 sons for several years. She is a patient, kind, and thoughtful teacher. Caroline finds a way to connect with each child in a unique and special way, motivating them to learn and instilling a deep appreciation for music.”
-Inna K.

“Caroline is an incredible piano teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, caring and very invested in the growth and development of each of her students. I cannot quantify the impact she has had on my son over the four and a half years he has studied with her. I know we owe much of continued success and love of music to Caroline and her wonderful teaching.”

-Maia M.